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Assistenza e progettazione

La nostra strategia è guidare i clienti nella definizione e selezione dei prodotti e delle soluzioni più adatti alle loro applicazioni. Per i progetti che richiedono una personalizzazione specifica delle nostre piattaforme prodotto standard o la progettazione e consegna di sistemi integrati ad alta tensione completi, i nostri clienti troveranno presso Sécheron team dedicati in grado di occuparsi delle loro esigenze e di assisterli nel corso dell’intero progetto.

Customization & Project Management

Engineering services


Customization and project management in Secheron meeting room
Engeneering service test in Secheron test laboratory
Delivered documentation of Secheron product

Efficient teams, including Project Managers and Technical Specialists, support our customers throughout their projects and help them to select the most appropriate solutions within our standard product platforms, or propose customized products and complete integrated solutions for their applications.

Sécheron has developed unique core competences related to its activity and can provide our customers with high-value engineering services to support their projects.
The Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) multi-physics tool allows our experts to analyze, simulate and optimize the products and--SEE_MORE-- solutions we design, while reducing the technical risks and shortening development times and test cycles.
Our in-house testing laboratories and resources provides rapid temperature rise measurements, dielectric tests, mechanical endurance tests, load interruption (limited) tests, vibrations & shock tests and climate tests, while other tests can be performed externally with the support of our technicians.

Documentation to be delivered at different stages of a project has currently become more diversified and more substantial. It is also a key issue for our customers.
Here again, our team of specialists work to prepare and promptly provide customers with detailed Maintenance & Operations manuals,--SEE_MORE-- RAMS analysis, product material lists, type test certificates, fire & smoke certificates, structural simulations, when necessary, and all other useful documents.